Ever wanted to make a custom wine and label? SoLu Estate gives people the chance to do so. Serve it at a wedding, use it as corporate promotion, or give it as a gift to a client or friend. There’s nothing more perfect than handcrafting a unique blend to pour and hand out.

It starts with you.

To start the process, guests will work directly with SoLu’s winemaker in a controlled environment. Together, they will use a number of base wines and blend varietals with calibrated cylinders and tasting glasses.

Next, we age the blend.


Guests will get to choose the size, oak, and toast of the barrel. Choose from French Oak, American Oak, or a combination of the two. The toast ranges from Medium Light to Medium Plus.

Once the wine is in the selected barrel, guests must decide how long they want the wine to age. While waiting for the wine to complete the aging process, they will work with SoLu’s graphic designer to create the perfect label for the bottle.

Winemaker for a day

Blend your own wine, barrel age it to your taste, and proudly earn the title of the winemaker. This experience is sure to delight your every sense.

Flexible quantities

Enjoy the flexibility of the Barrel Member Club options. A quarter barrel is 72 bottles, a half barrel is 134 bottles, and a full barrel is 268 bottles.

Select and blend

We’ll guide you through tasting the varietals in our barrel-aging program: Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petite Verdot, and Petite Sirah.

Into the barrel

After blending, your wine ages in the barrel until it meets your exacting specifications for four to eight months, depending on the style and type of wine.

Personalized wine label

A custom wine wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful name and label. Our designer and illustrator are here to help perfect the process.

Time to celebrate

Invite loved ones to join in the bottling process or leave it up to us. You can make a day of it at SoLu when you come to pick up your Barrel Club batch.


Add a custom label to any wine or mead.

Wine is typically ready in 60-90 days.

Average cost is $20-30 per bottle.


Blend and age your own custom wine.

Wine ages for roughly 4-8 months.

Average cost is $20-30 per bottle.

Ready to start making your own wine?

Truly Unique Wedding Wine


The Barrel Program is a wonderful experience to include in your wedding planning. It allows for some terrific photo-ops of you as soon-to-be newlyweds while you create and taste your unique blend. Whether used to toast at the reception or hand out as a parting gift, something made from the heart is an excellent way to celebrate your new beginnings.

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