SoLu Estate offers a premier selection of homegrown and produced wines and mead, making it easy to find the perfect bottle to enjoy with loved ones. The property boasts 14 grape varietals, as well as brings in grapes from other states with varietals unable to be grown in Wisconsin.

The mead at SoLu is made with honey harvested from on-site beehives, along with other varietals of honey from around the world. Eric and James share the responsibility of making the mead at SoLu. Together, they have won gold medals in the most competitive mead competitions around the world.

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- Red Wines -

Highlands Blend

Pinot Noir

Cabernet Sauvignon

Sangiovese Red

Sophie’s Choice


Red Blend

Ruby Red

Fred’s Red

- White Wines -

Sauvignon Blanc

Strawberry Gold


Ice Wine

Muscat Love

- Meads -

Simply Ginger

Honey Badger

Pear Bear

- Rosé Wines -

Door County Cherry


Blackberry Bay

- Sparkling Wines -

Red Dog