Wisconsin Sangria

At SoLu, we love our wine, but sometimes a little extra fruity punch is just what you need. When it comes to SoLu's Sangria, we only use real ingredients, making it the best, most refreshing, and sweetest flavor Wisconsin has to offer. Try our canned Sangria for your next special occasion, or come and visit us to try our freshly squeezed, on-tap selection.

SoLu Famous


While SoLu has been blessed with diverse topography and unique soil, carved out by glaciers over 18,000 years ago, it doesn't mean we haven't had our struggles. We have created plenty of delicious wines, but we have also had our fair share that weren't so delicious. At times, we have struggled with producing sweet grapes. However, since we stumbled upon our delicious Sangria recipe, the only struggle we’ve had is keeping it in stock.

Committed to Quality

At the SoLu vineyard, we are committed to quality products. There’s a lot that goes into that quality from beginning to end. It starts with the land and our decade-old grapevines and ends with our group of highly experienced staff. This combination is what makes for the amazing final product that we produce.

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