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SoLu Estate Wine Barrel Program

We are proud to introduce the SoLu Estate Wine Barrel Program. This unique opportunity gives you a hands-on experience working directly with our winemaker to create a custom blend that you can truly call your own. SoLu Estate offers the perfect venue to express your passion and love of wine by controlling all aspects of the wine making process from start to finish. Within our Wine Barrel Program, you can purchase an entire barrel, which produces 25 cases of wine, or approximately 300 bottles. The end result will not only satisfy your alter ego but gives you the perfect platform to create your own masterpiece to be used as a personal or corporate gift for just under $20 per bottle. Join us on this adventure.

TJ Sommer, Proprietor

Wine Preferences

You will start by selecting from a California Cabernet Sauvignon, a Pinot Noir from Oregon, a Merlot or Petite Syrah.

Choice of Barrel

Since the type of barrel that your wine ages within will affect the profile of your wine, SoLu Estate offers many different options. Choose from American or French Oak or a hybrid combination of both. Your selection of barrel type will involve some interesting options from the level of toasting to the density of the wood grain. We will guide you through this process. You will be invited to one of our wine tasting and wine barrel selection classes where you will learn the options and discover your preferences for barrel aging.

Barrel Aging

Your wine will then be aged anywhere between 8 to 12 months (at your discretion) in the oak barrel of your choice. Your barrel will be visible through our huge Window to Wine display case during the entire aging process. This climate controlled wine cellar has the perfect environment to store your barrel while aging the wine that you have selected. You will be allowed to taste your wine directly from your barrel to determine your preference of oak influence.

Custom Blending

When you determine your wine is aged to your satisfaction, custom blending is the next step to personalizing the end product. By adding small percentages of other blending varietals, you can influence the taste and profile of your finished wine and determine the shape it will take over the next several years. Through this entire process, you will be working with our winemaker who will help you to create a unique blend with the shape, balance, texture and flavors that you desire.

Bottled and Cased with Your Custom Label

As the final step in this program, you will work with our graphic designer to create a custom label for your bottles. One label design per barrel is included. Additional label designs are available upon request.

Engraved Brass Plaque

Each Barrel includes an engraved brass plaque with your name, your chosen varietal, and the vintage year.

SoLu Estate Winery Barrel Program - $5,500.00 pls tax

Engraved Brass Plaque

If you have a question about our Wine Barrel Program please contact our winemaker

John R Pakala at
920-528-1550 or


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