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SoLu Estate Wine Barrel & Private Label Program

We are proud to introduce the SoLu Estate Wine Barrel & Private Label Program. This unique opportunity gives you a hands-on experience working directly with our winemaker to create a custom blend that you can truly call your own. SoLu Estate offers the perfect venue to express your passion and love of wine by controlling all aspects of the wine making process from start to finish. The end result will not only satisfy your alter ego but gives you the perfect platform to create your own masterpiece to be used as a personal or corporate gift. Join us on this adventure.

TJ Sommer, Proprietor

Barrel Club

It all begins with a simple question: What wine do you like to drink?
The answer varies by person, and is usually much more complex, which is why it is the first question. 

The next question is: what size barrel are you looking to create?
Quarter Barrel (72 bottles)
Half Barrel (134 bottles)
Full Barrel (268 bottles)

Selecting the Wine

This is the part where you take over as wine maker. We taste the single varietals currently in our barrel aging program and you select either one or several varietals for your wine. Carefully blending till you get it just right. Typical varietals include: Merlot, Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Petite Verdot and Petite Sirah.

Barrel Aging
The next step for you, our newest winemaker, is to age the wine in the barrel until it meets your exact specifications. This process, depending on the style and type of wine, typically takes four to eight months.

Designing Your Label
We’ve all thought about it. “What would I name a wine if I had the chance?” Well here it is. You’ll be working with Steve Lorenz, our graphic designer and illustrator, to name your wine and create your custom label.

Time to Bottle
It’s finally that time! All your hard work and patience is culminating in a beautiful, hand crafted wine with a one of a kind label. As the final step in your winemaking odyssey, we invite you to be a part of it. Bring family, friends and anyone who loves wine! If you have a busy schedule and can’t find the time, no worries, we will handle the bottling process for you. 

Private Label Program

Similar to the Barrel Club in many ways, the Private Label Program is designed around our current wine and mead offerings. Chose from any of our wine and mead selections, design a label, and, viola, your wine is ready!

While not as “hands on” as our Barrel Club, this program allows you to select the perfect amount of wine for your occasion and have it ready in a fraction of the time. This process, depending on availability, typically takes between one to four months.

Next Steps

You’ve decided that either the Barrel Club or Private Label Program is perfect for your wedding, corporate gift, charity event, or to fulfill a lifelong dream. Here is what you do next.

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